Serial Console connectivity

The following device families offer a mini-usb connection which can be used for serial communication:

  • DEC600 series

  • DEC2600 series

  • DEC700 series

  • DEC2700 series

  • DEC800 series

  • DEC3800 series

Supplied with the firewall is a mini-usb to usb cable, use this to connect the to your PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) next start your terminal program (Putty, screen, etc).

The baudrate should be set to 115200,8N1

Legacy UART vs. UEFI serial

Starting from OPNsense 22.1 (22.4 for the business edition) and the change to FreeBSD 13-STABLE, support for EFI serial has changed, which requires EFI based systems to disable legacy support to prevent confusing the operating system. Should you connect your Deciso appliance with a serial line and get limited output / no output from the point of handover to the OS, it is important your BIOS settings are updated to disable legacy UART.

While in the BIOS, go to Setup Utility –> AMD CBS –> FCH Common Options –> UART Configuration Options –> UART 0 Legacy Options. and make sure this setting is set to Disabled.