Log Files

When troubleshooting problems with your firewall, it is very likely you have to check the logs available on your system. In the UI of OPNsense, the log files are generally grouped with the settings of the component they belong to. The log files can be found here:

System Log

System ‣ Log Files ‣ General

Most of all system related events go here

Backend / config daemon

System ‣ Log Files ‣ Backend

Here you can find logs for config generation of API usage


System ‣ Log Files ‣ Web GUI

Lighttpd, the webserver of OPNsense itself, logs here


System ‣ Firmware ‣ Log File

Updates from the packaging system go here


System ‣ Gateways ‣ Log File

Lists Dpinger gateway tracking related log messages


System ‣ Routes ‣ Log File

Routing changes or interface events