The configuration section contains some tools to keep track of your setup.


You can backup and restore your machines configuration using the System ‣ Configuration ‣ Backups section. When performing a local backup, you can choose to protect it with a password and decide whether or not you would like to store rrd statistics as well (in which case they will be stored in the same export xml file).


Due to the sensitive nature of your configuration data, its advisable to protect backups with a strong password when storing them or distributing them to others.


RRD statistics are used in System Health

Restoring backups can either be performed partially or for the complete configuration. Since configurations usually have various components that depend on each other, it’s most safe to restore a complete configuration.


Partial restores can lead to unexpected behavior, use with care. Future versions might not support this feature due to consistency reasons. (not all components can be partially exported)


With the defaults tool you can reset your firewall back to firmware defaults and shutdown when done.


The history menu helps you track changes between modifications and offer the opportunity to download older versions of your settings.


You can specify the number of backups to keep in this menu, which can be quite practical when a higher level of auditability is required.