General User Interface

This article explains the basics of the OPNsense Graphical User Interface or GUI for short.

User Login

Before we can take a look at the GUI options we need to login. The default user is root and the password is opnsense.


GUI Layout & Main Components

The GUI consists out of the following main components:


Quick Navigation

A faster way to navigate trough the GUI is by using the quick navigation/search box on the upper right corner of the screen. Either click on it or hit tab to select it.

The search field is a type-ahead field, meaning that it will guess what you are looking for and fill up while typing. Hit Enter or click on an option to select and navigate directly to the right page.


User & Local domain

In the right corner just to the left of the quick navigation you will see your username and the full domain name the firewall is configured with (to change firewall name, go to System ‣ Setting ‣ General).

Content Area

The content area is used to display:

  • Input forms

  • Popup Forms

  • Buttons

  • General forms of data output graphical and text based

Form View

Let’s take a look at how an advanced form may look like:


Full Help

Many forms are equipped with built-in help. In the upper right corner of the form you can select to view all help messages at once. The toggle will color green when enabled and show the help messages beneath the input items.


Advanced Mode

Some forms have hidden advanced features, to view them toggle the advanced mode in the left corner of the form. Doing so will reveal all advanced options.


Single Item Help

Show a single line help by pressing the (i) left of a form item. Like this:


Standard Tabs

A standard tab can be clicked upon to open the corresponding form.

A sample can be seen here: