Founded in 2014 by Oliver Pinter and Shawn Webb, HardenedBSD is a security-enhanced fork of FreeBSD. The HardenedBSD Project is implementing many exploit mitigation and security technologies on top of FreeBSD. The project started with Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) as an initial focal point and is now implementing further exploit mitigation techniques.

Why Fork FreeBSD?

HardenedBSD forked the FreeBSD codebase for ease of development. Prior to HardenedBSD’s founding, Oliver and Shawn worked on separate repositories, occasionally causing collaboration issues. Unifying the codebases was a natural step in efficient, effective collaboration between the two individuals. Two years have passed since the unification of the work and HardenedBSD is growing faster than ever.

HardenedBSD’s Goals

HardenedBSD aims to implement innovative exploit mitigation and security solutions for FreeBSD. We will work with FreeBSD and any other FreeBSD-based project to include our innovations.

Who is HardenedBSD?

HardenedBSD’s core team consists of Oliver Pinter and Shawn Webb.

Cooperation with OPNsense

In May 2015, HardenedBSD announced their cooperation with OPNsense. A HardenedBSD-flavored version of OPNsense is available as of June 2015.