In order to get more insight into your network, and to help solve problems, OPNsense contains several diagnostic tools.

The tools can be found in three places:

  • System ‣ Diagnostics
  • Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics (plus one under Interfaces ‣ Overview
  • Firewall ‣ Diagnostics

The following tools are available:

System ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Activity Show executed commands
System ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Services Shows running services, allows starting/stopping/restarting
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ ARP Table Show ARP table, which lists local connected IPv4 peers
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ DNS Lookup Easy lookup of IPs and A records that belong to a hostname
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ NDP Table Show NDP table, which lists local connected IPv6 peers
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Packet capture Capture packets travelling through an interface
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Ping Ping a hostname or IP address
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Port Probe Test if a host has a certain TCP port open and accepts connections on it
Interfaces ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Trace Route Trace route to a hostname or IP address
Interfaces ‣ Overview Shows status, addresses, packet counts, etc. per interface
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ pfInfo General information and statistics for pf
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ pfTop Currently active pf states and routes
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ pfTables Shows IP addresses belonging to aliases
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ Sockets Shows listening sockets for IPv4 and IPv6
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ States Dump Currently active states
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ States Reset Delete active states and source tracking (cancels connections)
Firewall ‣ Diagnostics ‣ States Summary Show states sorted by criteria like source IP, destination IP, …